electric boiler installation

Electric boiler installation

Electric boiler installation

Your electric boiler installation specialist in Radlett, Shenley, WD7

If you are looking for someone to perform an electric boiler installation in Radlett, Shenley, WD7 or the surrounding area you??ve come to just the right place. No matter what brand of boiler you want installing, or what type of boiler you prefer, we can help.

Electric boilers can be sourced from a large number of manufacturers and stockists. If you don??t know much about boilers, what types there are, what they do and which one will best suit your specific needs, we would be only too pleased to offer free, impartial advice.

The basics of the electric boiler

As with a gas boiler, an electric boiler is designed to heat water. Once heated, this water can then be used for a number of purposes from simply washing your hands and face, or washing-up the dishes, to providing the heat for a central heating system, including wet, underfloor systems.

You might decide on an electric boiler installation in Radlett, Shenley, WD7 rather than a gas-fired boiler installation, because electric boilers themselves tend to be cheaper than their gas counterparts, and the installation is usually significantly cheaper too. Many hew build houses and apartments have an electric boiler installation for just these reasons.

The ideal electric boiler installation for the smaller premises in Radlett, Shenley, WD7

People with smaller homes often choose an electric boiler installation. Generally speaking, an electric boiler can be used as a replacement for any type of small to medium size boiler. They are light, compact, and more often than not, completely silent.

You should be aware however that an electric boiler only heats up a relatively small amount of water each time, so if you have a larger home or property, and your demands for hot water are high an electric boiler installation may not be the best option. To understand a little more about the options open to you, please read the section below on the different types of electric boilers.

The ideal alternative to gas or oil-fired boilers

For those who abide in areas without easy access to gas or oil, an electric boiler is the ideal alternative. A lot of people also see electric boilers as being a safer option rather than gas. There is no risk of explosion, and the danger of carbon monoxide emissions that gas-fired appliances are infamous for, can be totally avoided.

Another reason that drives many people to go for an electric boiler installation in Radlett, Shenley, WD7 or indeed elsewhere, is the environment. If electricity can be supplied by wind-power or solar energy, it’s a much greener option.

Do away with servicing in Radlett, Shenley, WD7

An additional advantage with an electric boiler installation rather than oil or gas, is the servicing – or rather the lack of. Gas and oil-fired boilers have more mechanic parts. This means that they are more likely to fail over time. They therefore require regular servicing. Electric boilers on the other hand do not require regular maintenance. They only ever require servicing or repairing in the event of a breakdown.

Another consideration that comes down of the side of an electric boiler installation is the fact that they don??t get blocked as gas boilers often do when they are not continually in use ?? for example in the summer time. An electric pump continues to work when switched on even after prolonged periods of inactivity.

Choosing the right type of electric boiler

If you are considering an electric boiler installation in Radlett, Shenley, WD7 or the surrounding area, you will want to choose the right type of boiler. To help you to choose, here is some useful information on the various types available.

The direct electric boiler in Radlett, Shenley, WD7

This type of electric boiler is closest to the gas combi in as much as it employs a heating element to heat water when called upon. The thing to be wary of with a direct electric boiler installation is that you won??t have any way of storing hot water. This means that you will not be able to take advantage of heating your water overnight on Economy 7.

The storage electric boiler in? Radlett, Shenley, WD7

When you elect for a storage electric boiler installation, the boiler either has an inbuilt hot water storage tank, or you can have a remote tank installed. With this type of boiler, you can use Economy 7, overnight. These boilers are, however more expensive and the fact that you have a hot water tank also means they take up more space.

The CPSU electric boiler

CPSU stands for combined primary storage unit. These are usually chosen for commercial use as they store high quantities of hot water within the boiler which means they can supply a higher demand more quickly and at a higher pressure.

The dry core storage electric boiler

This type of electric boiler is similar in concept to a storage heater. They too store heat generated by Economy 7 into the bricks they contain. The heat is used to warm water rather than being emitted directly into the home.

If you find the various types of electric boiler installation you can have somewhat confusing, we can offer you useful advice. You may find this particularly useful if you are having a replacement boiler installed.

The various brands of electric boiler available today

Having discussed the various types of electric boilers that are on the market, you may also find it handy to know a little bit about the different brands you can buy. They include:

Heatrae Sadia electric boilers

Heatrae Sadia make the ElectroMax combi boiler. This is a compact boiler designed to be installed in small places such as airing cupboards. This type of electric boiler installation is often chosen for apartments or flats. They come in various sizes.

Electric Heating Company boilers

The Fusion electric system boiler comes in a range of sizes from 6kW to 14.4kW. As it doesn??t need a flue, it is ideal for underfloor heating.

Fusion E10 boilers are bigger combi units and have outputs from 9kW/150-litres to 14.4kW/170-litres.

Thermaflow electric combi boilers

These boilers are not suitable for small domestic premises. But if you require an electric boiler installation in a large commercial premises, Thermaflows are large, heavy units and come in 9 or 12 kW units with capacities from 210 to 330 litres.


The Dimplex Ascari Modulating electric boiler can be used to run standard radiator type central heating or underfloor heating that provides power from 4-12kW. With a compact design and clean aesthetic lines they are the ideal electric boiler installation for the average kitchen.


Aztec Classic electric boilers are wall mounted and come in five sizes of output from 2kW to 12kW. They are versatile and a popular choice.

Aztec Gold electric boilers have no flues and are smaller units expressly designed for heating smaller areas such as caravans, conservatories and lofts.

The best choice for your electric boiler installation in Radlett, Shenley, WD7

Whatever type of electric boiler installation in Radlett, Shenley, WD7 you have in mind, whether new or replacement, we are your best choice. Call us today to see how we can help.